What an exciting past few months it has been.  We went on a journey of discovery to create a new  brand.

It is amazing the amount of  time and effort it takes to get to this point.  Also how invested you become in the process.  You want to brand to be so right, that you rejected almost everything that comes your way as you just can’t seem to find the X factor you are looking for.

And it is not just finding the name but also finding the look and feel that supports the name and begins to create the brand.

You have to dive deep in to the soul and pull out all the things that are you, the people you represent (staff, client and stakeholders) and the ones who will succeed us.

Fortunately we have great support from our branding team who really helped us turn the visions in our head in to words, colours and imagery.

Flowealth has been born and we like what we see, feel and think.